Narita Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner


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A Premium and Durable Liner for Your Folding Cart

This durable, waterproof liner fits our largest personal folding shopping carts and is a great accessory to protect your contents from mother nature.

The Deluxe Hooded Carrier Liner, compatible with the Narita Super Folding Cart and Jumbo Folding Cart, is a heavy-duty liner bag made of strong, sturdy, waterproof material. This hooded carrier liner has two carrying straps and it attaches to your folding cart with easy, velcro-like fasteners. Available colors are black, navy blue, fuchsia, green, lilac and pink.

This liner is convenient to have if you live in an area of the country that has frequent rain and/or snow.  It protects the contents in your cart from the elements with its top cover.  This liner is our most popular cart accessory.

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